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Editorial Calendar

The Cattleman Magazine 2014 Editorial Schedule

JANUARY — Equine Management
Our readers rely on more than 34,000 horses to get their ranch work done. The January issue offers horse health and equine management information to keep their working stock in top condition.
Editorial deadline: Nov. 1 — Advertising deadline: Nov. 30
Special advertising section: Stallion Showcase

FEBRUARY — Range and Pasture Management
Special focus on the Angus breed.
Land management is always a top reader issue. This issue features techniques to help our readers manage their natural resources for more water, more grass, more beef production and greater range health.
Editorial deadline: Dec. 1 — Advertising deadline: Dec. 28

MARCH — Cattle Raisers Convention Preview
Special focus on the Beefmaster breed
The Cattle Raisers Convention is the largest beef industry event in the southwestern U.S. This issue informs readers about speakers, sponsors, entertainers and opportunities to learn and conduct business. We also offer a special look at leaders in the Beefmaster community of the Southwest.
Editorial deadline: Jan. 2 — Advertising deadline: Jan. 31
Special advertising section: Cattle Raisers Expo Exhibitors

APRIL — Spring Herd Health
Special focus on the Brangus breed.
Animal health and well-being are featured in our April issue. Readers consistently request more information on sound herd health programs, vaccination protocols, proper nutrition and techniques to help their cattle produce more efficiently.
Editorial deadline: Feb. 1 — Advertising deadline: Feb. 28

MAY — The Water Issue
Special focus on the Brahman breed.
More than two-thirds of our reader are keenly interested in groundwater rights. All of our readers are interested in managing their lands to capture rainfall. Our urban friends want to know that the land next to the creeks and streams is in good shape and supports water users downstream.
Editorial deadline: March 1 — Advertising deadline: March 29

JUNE — The Well-Equipped and Safe Ranch
100 Year Anniversary
A ranch can't run without the proper equipment and supplies, and a ranch saves dollars by avoiding stress and costly injuries to humans and livestock. We provide practical tips on how to use ranch equipment properly to get the most out of the investment and to operate with safety in mind.
Editorial deadline: April 1 — Advertising deadline: April 30
Special advertising section: Equipment

JULY — Cattle Business Partners: Livestock Auction Markets
More than 1 million of our readers’ cattle will sell through the auction markets of Texas and Oklahoma. Articles help our readers prepare their cattle for sale. We help them find an auction market partner by including the membership directories for the Livestock Marketing Association of Texas and the Oklahoma Livestock Marketing Association. We visit with our friends in the Angus community in this issue, highlighting the business-friendly traits that have helped Angus producers prosper.
Editorial deadline: May 1 — Advertising deadline: May 31
Special advertising section: Firearms and hunting resources to prepare for the 2014 hunting season.

AUGUST — Preparing for Healthy Herds this Fall
Special focus on the Hereford breed.
Good nutrition is fundamental to animal health, as is a good vaccination program. Articles in this issue give practical, technical information that is easy to apply at the ranch. We have enjoyed a close relationship with the Hereford community for decades, and we celebrate that long friendship in this issue.
Editorial deadline: June 1 — Advertising deadline: June 28

SEPTEMBER — From Stocker Cattle to the Feedyards
The Cattleman readers manage almost a million stocker cattle each year. Through articles on the stocker cattle and feedyard segments, we inform our cow-calf producer readers about these important segments along the beef production chain.
Editorial deadline: July 1 — Advertising deadline: July 31
Special advertising section: Agricultural colleges

OCTOBER — Bull Buyer’s Guide
Strong international demand for U.S. beef — and increasing domestic demand — will eventually spark a growth trend in the U.S. cattle herd. Seedstock producers know this and offer opportunities to buy breeding stock this fall. Articles help our readers get those new bulls and replacement females back to the ranch and into production quickly and safely.
Editorial deadline: Aug. 1 — Advertising deadline: Aug. 30
Special advertising section: Bull Buyer’s Guide

NOVEMBER — Wild Resources: Wildlife and Wildscapes
Cattle and wildlife can complement the landscape and the bottom line on ranches. Successful game management rests on proper range and pasture management for all species. Articles will explore the beneficial relationships between bucks, birds and beef cattle on the ranch.
Editorial deadline: Sept. 3 — Advertising deadline: Sept. 30
Special advertising section: Experts guide

DECEMBER — History and Holidays
We take a look back at the rich history of TSCRA members who have worked so hard to build and protect the ranching way of life. We also take a light-hearted look at holidays in ranching country in this end-of-year issue.
Editorial deadline: Oct. 1 — Advertising deadline: Oct. 31
Special advertising section: Cattle Raisers Holiday Gift Ideas and cards